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AED Medical Direction

What is AED Medical Direction, Medical Oversight,

or Physician’s Oversight?

Medical Direction (Medical Oversight / Physician’s Oversight) is an important component to organizations that are purchasing an AED. Many states (25 as of August 2014) and some local jurisdictions require medical direction and oversight to eliminate an organization’s civil liability for its AED program.

First Voice Medical Direction Services from Think Safe provide physician’s oversight and sign-off of your AED program, and provides all legal protections for state / local civil liability immunity laws according to where the AEDs are placed.

  • The AED program is under direct supervision of a licensed professional/physician
  • Nationally accredited CPR/AED (and other) training solutions and support
  • Oversight of Processes/Procedures/Protocols/Training to allow for proper event emergency management, AED use, maintenance and care, and servicing/updates

Medical Direction Includes:

  • Medical Rx Prescription & Annual Medical Oversight Authorization Reviews
  • EMS Registration/Notification/State Registration
  • Policy and Procedure Manual & AED Response Protocols; ensuring each site is within state AED acquirer civil liability law protection
  • Regulatory & recall updates as necessary and regular newsletter industry updates
  • Event reviews, servicing, & incident debriefings when AED is used at any site/placement
  • Indemnity coverage under multi-million dollar product, professional, and general liability policies
  • Training guidelines & recertification conformity to ECC / AHA / Red Cross / National First Aid Science requirements
  • Proper notification decals & signage (Evacuation chart AED location decals, door or window decals, flat or 3D signs, etc)
  • Subscription and use of First Voice Manager tracking ( software as a service to ensure AED program compliance and readiness

Let First Voice Manager make your AED program effortless and compliant.